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Our Mission

Our business and its people live, work, and participate in our community.

Therefore, our commitment to providing the best craftsmanship and using only the highest quality materials is paramount to our success story.

Our Values

Integrity is at the core of our dealings with each client. This means that we deliver on our service promises every time!

Our stance on excellence facilitates our ability to build long-term, trusted relationships and a solid brand on which you can depend.

Our Values

Welcome to Gladiator Roofing, Inc.! Our founder, Joshua Thomas, has always put people and service excellence at the forefront of business priorities. With years of experience in the small appliance repair business, Josh set out to change the industry’s perception. He didn’t want to be seen as a parts fixer but as a diagnostic expert focused on solving long-term problems.

In 2019, an opportunity presented itself to Mr. Thomas that would allow him to utilize his leadership skills in the roofing industry. Rather than just being a “shingle changer,” he viewed his work through the lens of approaching roofing as a system with different functional elements.

Our proactive approach reduces roofing system issues over the roof’s life. Gladiator’s commitment to clients is what sets it apart.

So why should you consider hiring Gladiator Roofing, Inc.? The answer is simple: We care about your roof because we understand it protects much of what you love and value. Gladiator Roofing and Guttering will protect the integrity of your roof for the life of your roof.

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